Dr Hua Xia

Position Senior Fellow
Department Electronic Materials Engineering
Research group Physics of fluids group
Office phone (02) 612 53082
Office Oliphant 3 20
Webpage http://people.physics.anu.edu.au/~h...
Curriculum vitae Xia CV (210KB PDF)

Research interests

  • Active fluids: nonequilibrium turbulent flows, bacteria turbulence and active swimmer
  • Self-organization in chaotic and turbulent flows
  • Control of diffusion and transport of micro-particles at the fluid interface

       Past research:

  • Spectral energy transfer in fluids and plasma
  • Thin layer fluid turbulence and spectral condensation
  • Rotating fluid experiments

Grants and awards

  • ANU MEC, "Liquid Metamaterial Facility for Active Matter and Bacterial Flow Studies", $75k
  • ARC Linkage Project (LP160100477), “Novel methods of spill containment and debris mitigation on water surfaces”, 2016-2019, $229k.  
  • ARC Discovery Project (DP160100863) 2016-2019, “Flow generation on the water surface”, $551k. 
  • ARC Future Fellowship (FT140100067), 2014-2018, “Transport barriers in complex turbulent flows: formation, detection and characterization”, $712k.
  • ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA), “Understanding winds: energy transfer in rotating turbulent fluids”, 2012-2014, $375k.
  • ARC LIEF grant, “Wind profiler network for planetary boundary layer research”, 2012, $480k. 
  • ANU MEC, “Upgrade of experimental facility for fluid and granular medium dynamics”, 2015, $135k. 
  • Small research equipment grant, College of Science, ANU, 2007, $8k. 


After graduating from Chongqing University in Electrical Engineering I worked on China’s biggest fusion research facility. Then I started my PhD project in plasma turbulence at the ANU which developed into a cross-disciplinary study of 2D turbulence. I received my PhD degree in 2006. In 2012 I was awarded the ARC DECRA and in 2014 I won the ARC Future Fellowship to further develop my research into transport of matter and energy in chaotic flows and living fluids.

My research interests broadly fall in the physics of complex systems, 2D turbulence, self-organization, and wave-flow interaction. Highlights of my research are related to (a) accumulation and conversion of the turbulent energy into mean flows, (b) conversion of energy of disordered surface waves into coherent flows; (c) engineering of dynamical metamaterials at the liquid–gas interface; (d) development of efficient methods of controlling and predicting turbulent diffusion on a liquid surface; and (e) studies of living fluids in bacterial turbulence.

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