Associate Professor Nicolas Francois

Francois, Nicolas profile
Department Materials Physics
Research group X-ray tomography and applications group
Office Cockcroft 4 61
Publication list Francois publication list (24KB PDF)

Grants and awards

ARC Industry Fellow 2024 - 2030:

Improving Australian iron ore comminution for green steel production

ARC DECRA Fellow 2016 - 2018 :

Biofilms in two-dimensional turbulent flows: effects on Lagrangian transport 

Research interests

I am a curiosity-driven experimentalist interested in geomaterials physics, soft matter, structured materials and fluid hydrodynamics. I am interested in fundamental questions in out-of-equilibrium physics (fragmentation of solid materials, autonomous devices powered by chaotic flows, hydrodynamic waves, stochastics thermodynamics, granular matter, polymer rheology). I am equally interested in a variety of applied questions in geomechanics and hydrology (comminution of geomaterials, mechanics and fluid transport in fractured rocks characterised via X-ray tomography) and in applied fluid mechanics (fluid-structure interaction, wave-energy conversion, environmental fluid mechanics).