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The Physics Education Centre prepares students to be key contributors in research, industry, government and education. We achieve this through a research-led physics education that develops foundational concepts in physics, experimental and theoretical tools, data analysis, critical thinking and communication. We encourage and nurture creativity in our students and provide a research-rich intellectual environment where students build confidence, knowledge and skills through active debate with their peers and with staff. We educate people who will change the world.

The Physics Education Centre (PEC) offers undergraduate and graduate physics education through both coursework and research. It also runs an active outreach program and supports research and innovation in physics education.

RSPE houses one of the largest concentrations of physics-based research in Australia and boasts an international reputation for exceptional physics and engineering research and discovery. The Physics Education Centre exploits that research strength and combines it with nationally award-winning teaching expertise to provide an outstanding physics learning and teaching environment. In particular, the School's innovative research culture, strong industry focus, supportive intellectual environment, world class facilities and enthusiastic experienced staff ensure that the ANU can offer a unique experience to both undergraduate and graduate physics students.

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All academic staff in the Research School of Physics are part of the Physics Education Centre, contributing to its programs either through coursework, project supervision and outreach activities. The profiles of those people currently teaching in our undergraduate and graduate coursework programs can be accessed here:

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