The staff and students of RSPE have been involved in many projects that exemplify the spirit of innovation.

Quantum Brilliance

Quantum Brilliance is exploiting the extreme properties of diamond to build compact quantum microprocessors that will transform computing by placing the power of a supercomputer in your hands.

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Nomad Atomics

Nomad Atomics, fostered from the AtomLaser group, is introducing next-generation quantum sensors to the commercial space. They offer unrivalled navigation capabilities and unsurpassed data quality to the resource sectors.

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QuintessenceLabs is the quantum cybersecurity leader, protecting data today and for our quantum future. Our offering includes the fastest quantum random number generator, crypto-agile key and policy manager and are at the forefront of second-generation quantum key distribution.

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Aqacia provides state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions to complex quantum and classical problems. Powered by the deep learning revolution, Aqacia pioneers solutions for key industries such as wind power generation and quantum technologies.

Applied Metrology Lab

From ANU's knowledge in gravitational wave detector development, the Applied Metrology Lab pioneers new advancements in inertial navigation, remote environmental sensing, and trace gas detection in partnership with industry.

The Diamond Quantum Science and Technology Lab

The DQST Lab is building compact vector electromagnets for quantum microscopes and chip-scale nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers. The field agility and strength are unmatched by existing magnet systems.

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AtomLaser Group

The AtomLaser and Quantum Sensors group at Department of Quantum Science is a world leader in quantum sensors of gravity and is pioneering advanced sensor capabilities for strategic defence innovation.

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The Department of Applied Mathematics' advanced xray CT imaging and reconstructing technology led to the creation of Digitalcore. Through a number of mergers and acquisitions Digitalcore is now part of ThermoFisher Scientific.

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Liquid Instruments

Liquid Instruments makes a new breed of test and measurement equipment by combining reconfigurable hardware and advanced digital signal processing with breakthrough user interfaces.

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ANU developed technology to produce large scale, high quality graphene led to the creation of Flexegraph to commercialise the production and uses of graphene.

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By providing high school teachers the high quality resources they need, MeriSTEM aims to change the way students learn and teachers teach.

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ANU MakerSpace

MakerSpace is a community and a space that encourages learning through making and collaboration.

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Hotlight Systems

Having developed novel high brightness broadband sources for the mid-infrared (MIR) for internal use, Hotlight Systems are now making these sources available commercially.

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Saxophone stand

A collaboration between the RSPE workshop and John Mackey from the School of Music led to the creation of a novel ergonomic saxophone stand to alleviate back pain.

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