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"The biggest physics school - the best uni in Australia"

Physics at the Australian National University (ANU) has a culture of innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. We chase gravitational waves with astronomers, pioneer nanotechnology with engineers, model the Earth’s interior with geoscientists, and explore neural networks in the brain with medical researchers. We’ve even worked with the ANU School of Music to develop an ergonomic saxophone stand.

We are the largest Physics School at an Australian university and have collaborations with labs all over the world – students have come to us from 31 different countries.

The school has its own major technical manufacturing and prototyping capability and is host to major national facilities and national research and technology networks.

We foster the development of novel technologies and have seen a number of successful spin-out companies go global.

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A New Era for ANU Physics

The new building at ANU Physics is our most extensive upgrade in 70 years. The state-of-the-art building will house exquisitely stabilised quantum and laser labs, pristine clean rooms for experiments and fabrication and a world-class venue for talks and conferences.

We are featuring some of our exciting recent research on the roadside fence surrounding the building site.

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