Professor Stephen Buckman

Buckman, Stephen profile
Position Professor
Department Nuclear Physics & Accelerator Applications
Research group Positron research group
Qualifications BSc PhD Flinders, FAPS, FAIP, FlnstP
Office phone (02) 612 52402
Office John Carver 3 11


Stephen Buckman was born and raised in Sydney, NSW, educated in both Sydney and Adelaide, and is a PhD graduate in Atomic Physics from Flinders University (1979).

Following postdoctoral positions at the University of Manchester and the University of Colorado, Buckman returned to Australia in 1983 to take up a Research Fellowship position in the Research School of Physics and Engineering (RSPE) at the ANU.  He was appointed to the tenured staff (Fellow) at ANU in 1989.  He was subsequently promoted to Senior Fellow (1993) and Professor of Physics (1999).  Between 1996 and 2000 he was Head of Department of the Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratories within the RSPE.

In 2000-2001, he held a Fulbright Senior Fellowship at the University of California and, on his return to Australia, was appointed to Associate Director (Academic) of RSPE.  In 2005 he was the lead CI and proponent of a Centre of Excellence bid to the Australian research Council.  This bid – to establish the Centre of Excellence for Antimatter-Matter Studies – was successful and Buckman led this Centre, as research Director, from 2006-2012.

Buckman was appointed as Director, RSPE, in March 2012.

He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, a Fellow of the Institute of Physics UK and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics.  In 2006, he was awarded one of 40 inaugural Distinguished Alumni Awards by Flinders University to celebrate its 40th Anniversary.  In 2008 he was awarded the ANU Vice Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Service to the University, and in 2012 he received the Flinders University Convocation Medal for outstanding achievement of a Flinders alumni.

Phd in 1979 from Flinders University, Adelaide. Thesis topic: Electron Collisions with Alkali Atoms

Nuffield Foundation Fellow and Postodctoral Fellow, University of Manchester, UK (1979-1981)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Joint Institute for Laboratoru Astrophysics (JILA), University of Colorado (1981-83)

Research Fellow, AMPL, ANU (1983-87)

Senior Research Fellow (1987)

Fellow, AMPL (1989)

Senior Fellow, AMPL, 1993

Professor, 1999

Fulbright Senior Scholar, University of California San Diego, 2000-2001

Associate Director, RSPhysSE, 2002

Research Director, CAMS 2005

School Director, RSPE 2012


Fellow of the American Physical Society

Fellow of the Institute of Physics UK

Research interests

Atomic and Electron Spectroscopy

Positron Physics

Applications of Electron and Positron Physics