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ANU physicists are using lasers to give the Sydney Harbour Bridge a makeover

by Rebeka Selmeczki If you’ve ever walked into a shop selling Australian merchandise, you will have noticed one of the nation’s most iconic symbols, the Sydney Harbour...

11 July 2024

Optical counterparts of diodes could spur new area of technology

The inventors of nano-isolators – the optical equivalent of a diode – say the device could start a technology revolution. In the 1950s, a technological revolution in electronics...

10 July 2024

Mysterious sixth-order transition hints at enigmatic nuclear process

Physicists have seen the only known example of a sixth-order electromagnetic decay process in nature, emitted as a gamma ray from an excited state in iron-53 nuclei.   The team...

5 July 2024

Built in quality control to make quantum tech more reliable

One of quantum technology’s most powerful tools is interference, in which two or more identical particles interact in surprising ways – sometimes adding together, but sometimes...

5 June 2024

Megavolts Ep 10: Cygnus and the search for dark matter

Is there dark matter all around us, is there a dark matter wind passing through us as the earth travels through space? Victoria Uttaree Bashu is part of the Cygnus-Oz collaboration,...

19 April 2024

Nanoscale tent makes diabetes breath test a reality

The accidental creation of a tent mere microns in area has enabled a breath test for diabetes, which could change the lives of millions of people with the disease. The new device,...

11 April 2024

Using a dynamic metasurface for amplification of free space radiation

Physicists have devised an ultra-thin dynamic amplifier for electromagnetic radiation using a parametric metasurface. A parametric metasurface is a thin composite material with small-scale...

14 March 2024

Advice to postdocs: Surf the waves!

Dr Maryna Bilokur took out the prize at the inaugural Life as Postdoc in STEM competition, with a talk journaling her postdoc journey with the metaphor of surfing waves of enormous...

12 March 2024

Digging a tunnel in a quantum field

When Rosemary Zielinski was offered an honours project to develop a theory of quantum tunnelling, her first thought was, 'but that’s already done – I studied that in second...

7 March 2024

Quantum dot glowsticks could light up future technology

The heart of future quantum devices could be lit up by arrays of tiny glow-sticks, developed by ANU physicists. A group from the Department of Electronic Materials Engineering (EME)...

27 February 2024

Megavolts Episode 9: When fusion almost works

In the latest episode of MegaVolts we talk about fusion and when it fails. It’s a grey area – sometimes colliding nuclei miss, sometimes they bounce and sometimes they...

9 February 2024

A solar car you could take to Mars

Living on Mars you’re a good distance from a mechanic. So, any technology you use there would need to be robust.  These are the kind of thoughts Professor Rod Boswell has been...

6 February 2024

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