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Physics ANU builds upon its world leading research to offer the best in physics education

"As a child, I was constantly surrounded by strong female scientists in science fiction media."

Physics teaching and learning at ANU

Physics ANU houses one of the largest concentrations of physics-based research in Australia and boasts an international reputation for exceptional physics and engineering research and discovery. The Physics Education Centre (PEC) exploits that research strength and combines it with nationally award-winning teaching expertise to provide an outstanding physics learning and teaching environment. In particular, the School's innovative research culture, strong industry focus, supportive intellectual environment, world class facilities and enthusiastic experienced staff ensure that the ANU can offer a unique experience to both undergraduate and graduate physics students.


Our cutting edge physics research feeds our outstanding physics learning and teaching environment.


An honours degree at ANU gives you the opportunity to pursue a physics research topic of your choice.

Graduate coursework

Become an expert in the field by completing a Masters Degree at ANU.

Graduate research

A PhD or Masters at Physics ANU will put you at the forefront of physics research.

Summer scholarships

Get a taste of research at ANU under the guidance of our distinguished researchers.


Find out about the scholarships available to Physics students and ANU.

ANU MakerSpace »

All ANU students and staff are encouraged to get involved with the ANU MakerSpace. Learn by doing!

Why ANU?

  • The best educators with global connections
    Studying Physics at ANU will connect you with the best educators in the country, a host of national facilities and a global research network.
  • The ideal place to kickstart your research career
    We are the largest physics school in the country and so have the highest researcher to student ratio, with advanced degrees that will have you doing cutting-edge research programs at every stage of your education.
  • Modern teaching methods
    Our goal is to provide an education as good as any University in the world. For example, we have redesigned our courses around the flipped classroom approach and have recently opened new teaching facilities with state-of-the-art studio facilities and break out areas.
  • Physics and more
    Our research covers nearly every facet of physics and we have links throughout the University to a host of other research schools and colleges. We have even collaborated with the School of Music to design a new ergonomic saxophone stand!
  • Multicultural
    Our students have come to us from over 30 countries – we look forward to welcoming you too.


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