Dr Kaushal Vora

Vora, Kaushal profile
Department Electronic Materials Engineering
Research group Semiconductor optoelectronics and nanotechnology group
Qualifications ME, PhD (La Trobe University)
Office phone (02) 612 51594
Office Physics New 3 29


Kaushal Vora received his BE in Electrical Engineering in 1996 from Saurashtra University, India. He then earned a Masters degree in Microsystems Technology in 2004 from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. His master’s thesis was focused on integrating microfludic channel with an optical waveguide to create a low-cost biosensor. He acquired PhD degree in 2009 from La Trobe University, Australia during which he developed processes to fabricate densely-packed high aspect-ratio microstructures using x-ray lithography. He worked as an Research Officer at La Trobe University, whereby, he was involved in design, fabrication and testing of x-ray optics for phase-contrast imaging using µ-XCT. Kaushal joined The Australian National University (ANU) in 2009 as a process engineer for ANFF ACT node. Since then, he has developed a wide range of processes for our flagship equipment that includes Electron Beam/Thermal Evaporator, Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching, Nano Imprint Lithography/Hot Embossing, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposistion and our Sputter system.

Research interests

Micro/nano fabrication of silicon and III-V based devices, thin-film deposition and patterning of metal and insulator layers, optical waveguides, solar-cell devices, p-silicon nanowire growth and nano-replication techniques.