School structure

The Research School of Physics at ANU, represents Australia's foremost university based research activity in this area, involving several hundred academics, graduate students and support staff.

We host a wide array of major multi-million dollar experimental facilities, many serving a national research role. The quality of research is reflected by a strong involvement in three ARC centres of excellence and our hosting of two ARC research networks.

Our research departments

EME Group
Electronic Materials Engineering
Conducts world-class multidisciplinary research and education across a broad range of fields, spanning from fundamental optical physics, solid-state physics and materials science to photonic device engineering.
FTP Group
Fundamental and Theoretical Physics
Provides a platform for theoretical and computational physicists across various disciplines to exchange theoretical concepts and tools, while fostering deep connections with other Departments and Schools.
J Bradby
Materials Physics
Spans the disciplines of physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology. We explore the complexity materials from soft condensed matter to rocks, diamonds, semiconductors and more.
NPAA Group
Nuclear Physics and Accelerator Applications
Operates the premier laboratory in Australia for accelerator-based research in nuclear physics, providing and developing facilities for local staff and national and international outside users.
QST Group
Quantum Science and Technology
Pursues basic scientific experimental and theoretical research in the quantum mechanics of many body systems and translates basic research to devices, applications and commercialisation.

Centre for Gravitational Astrophysics

The ANU Centre for Gravitational Astrophysics (CGA), is founded to build a world-leading role for Australia in the science and technology of gravitational wave sources. The centre strategically unifies the ongoing research at ANU Research School of Physics and ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Physics Education Centre

The Physics Education Centre is responsible for running both the undergraduate and graduate degrees within the Research School of Physics. All the academics in the centre are members of the school's research departments working at the cutting edge of physics research in this country.

Many scientists at the School are involved in national and international collaborative work, and some are members of major research centres and networks that span several host institutions. The school also hosts several major national research facilities.


Research networks

National facilities

School support services

One of the great strengths of ANU Physics are our excellent support services.

For a full list of School Services staff please visit the School Services people listing.

Mechanical workshop

The Mechanical Workshop specialises in manufacturing research apparatus, including vacuum chambers and complex assemblies. We are able to provide advice in the design and development of equipment and may assist in the selection of material and manufacturing processes available. Some of our services include computer controlled milling and turning, electric discharge machining, a fully equipped welding shop, grinding and sheet metal cutting and folding.

Mechanical Workshop Manager

Electronics unit

The Electronics Unit provides advice with regard to the design, development, fabrication and manufacturing of new electronic components. We are also able to provide maintenance for a variety of devices, and assist with the selection of new equipment for your experimental apparatus.

Electronics Unit Manager

Technical services

Provides support for general building issues, electrical reticulation systems, new building projects, minor refurbishments, security, building and room access, laboratory safety concerns and carpentry projects.

Facilities and Services Manager

School computer unit

The School Computer Unit provides support for all IT functions within the School. Please contact us for issues regarding computer access, printing, scanning, archiving and backup needs. We are able to provide advice for both the purchase of software and licensing. We provide support for all UNIX, LINUX, Windows and MACOS operating systems. We are also the main contact for all issues with the communication and telephone systems.

IT Manager