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arXiv pre-prints

Michael A. Klatt, Günter Last, Klaus Mecke, Claudia Redenbach, Fabian M. Schaller, Gerd E. Schröder-Turk
Cell shape analysis of random tessellations based on Minkowski tensors
Markus Spanner, Felix Höfling, Sebastian C. Kapfer, Klaus R. Mecke, Gerd E. Schröder-Turk, Thomas Franosch
Splitting of the universality class of anomalous transport in crowded media
, , , , , , , , , ,
Non-universal Voronoi cell shapes in amorphous ellipsoid packings
Europhysics Letters 111 (2015)
Fabian M. Schaller, Max Neudecker, Mohammad Saadatfar, Gary Delaney, Gerd E. Schröder-Turk, Matthias Schröter
Local origin of global contact numbers in frictional ellipsoid packings
B. Schuetrumpf, M. A. Klatt, K. Iida, G. E. Schroeder-Turk, J. A. Maruhn, K. Mecke, P. -G. Reinhard
Appearance of the Single Gyroid Network Phase in Nuclear Pasta Matter
Susan Nachtrab, Matthias J. F. Hoffmann, Sebastian C. Kapfer, Gerd E. Schroeder-Turk, Klaus Mecke
Percolation transition by random vertex splitting of diamond networks?
Gerd E. Schröder-Turk, Walter Mickel, Sebastian C. Kapfer, Fabian M. Schaller, Boris Breidenbach, Daniel Hug, Klaus Mecke
Minkowski Tensors of Anisotropic Spatial Structure
H. Mitschke, G. E. Schroeder-Turk, K. Mecke, P. W. Fowler, S. D. Guest
Symmetry detection of auxetic behaviour in 2D frameworks
Walter Mickel, Sebastian C. Kapfer, Gerd E. Schröder-Turk, Klaus Mecke
Shortcomings of the Bond Orientational Order Parameters for the Analysis of Disordered Particulate Matter
Sebastian C. Kapfer, Walter Mickel, Klaus Mecke, Gerd E. Schröder-Turk
Jammed Spheres: Minkowski Tensors Reveal Onset of Local Crystallinity
Markus Spanner, Felix Höfling, Gerd Schröder-Turk, Klaus Mecke, Thomas Franosch
Anomalous transport of a tracer on percolating clusters


Journal article

SPIREa software tool for bicontinuous phase recognition: application for plastid cubic membranes
Plant Physiology 188, 1() 81-96
, , ,
Phase behaviour of a simple fluid confined in a periodic porous material
Molecular Physics ()
, , ,
Self-assembly and entropic effects in pear-shaped colloid systems. I. Shape sensitivity of bilayer phases in colloidal pear-shaped particle systems
The Journal of Chemical Physics 153, 3() 1-14
, , ,
Self-assembly and entropic effects in pear-shaped colloid systems. II. Depletion attraction of pear-shaped particles in a hard-sphere solvent
The Journal of Chemical Physics 153, 3() 1-14
, , , , , , , , ,
Universal hidden order in amorphous cellular geometries
Nature Communications 10, 811() 1-9
, ,
Structural similarity between dry and wet sphere packings
New Journal of Physics 21, 4() 1-8
, , , , , , , ,
Butterfly gyroid nanostructures as a time-frozen glimpse of intracellular membrane development
Science Advances 3, 4() 8
Bloch Modes and Evanescent Modes of Photonic Crystals: Weak Form Solutions Based on Accurate Interface Triangulation
Crystals 5, 1() 14-44
, , , , , , , , , ,
Non-universal Voronoi cell shapes in amorphous ellipsoid packs
Europhysics Letters 111, 2()
, , , ,
The Tricontinuous 3ths(5) Phase: A New Morphology in Copolymer Melts
Macromolecules 47, 21() 7424-7430
, , ,
Absence of circular polarisation in reflections of butterfly wing scales with chiral Gyroid structure
Materials Today: Proceedings 1() 193-208
, , , , , , ,
The chiral structure of porous chitin within the wing-scales of Callophrys rubi
Journal of Structural Biology 174, 2() 290-295

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