Dr Vincent Daria is a past member of RSPE. Contact details and information may no longer be correct.

Dr Vincent Daria

Daria, Vincent profile
Department Quantum Science & Technology
Research group
Office John Carver 3 08


Dr. Daria earned his PhD in Applied Physics. He built-up a career in biomedical optics where he designed and built microscopes that incorporated structured illumination to produce multi-beam optical tweezers for manipulating microscopic objects and cells. The technology also extended to non-linear microscopy where ultrafast lasers are used in combination with holographic technology for trapping, non-linear processes and fs-laser nanosurgery of cells.  In 2007, he joined the Australian National University to set up a unique multi-photon microscope that made use of structured illumination to probe neuronal circuits.  

Research interests

Optical manipulation, Non-linear multi-photon processes, Microscopy, Holographic projection, Phase contrast techniques, Neurophotonics