Prof Patrick Kluth

Kluth, Patrick profile
Position Professor
Department Physics Education Centre
Materials Physics
Research group Advanced materials group
Qualifications Dipl. Phys., PhD
Office phone (02) 612 50358
Office John Carver 4 15

Research interests

Patrick's research interest is focussed around the formation, characterisation and application of materials modified using high energy ion beams. He has a strong expertise in synchrotron based characterisation methods, in particular small angle x-ray scattering and  x-ray absorption spectroscopy, as well as nano-fabrication and semiconductor processing methods.

Key areas of research include:

  • Ion track technology to fabricate solid-state nanopores
  • Fundamental properties of ion tracks and ion track annealing
  • Development of in situ x-ray scattering techniques in high-pressure and corrosive environments
  • Bio-sensors and ion separation
  • Ion beam shaping of embedded nano-particles
  • Nano-porous semiconductors


Patrick Kluth is a professor at the Research School of Physics at the Australian National University where he leads a group studying swift heavy ion modified materials.

Patrick obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Physics at the RWTH University Aachen, Germany, in July 2002 with highest honours (summa cum laude) for which he was awarded the “Borchert-Medal”. He received a Feodor-Lynen Research Fellowship from the Humboldt Foundation in Germany to work at the ANU in 2003 and was subsequently awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Postdoctoral Fellowship, an ARC Australian Research Fellowship and an ARC Future Fellowship. He was Head of the Department of Electronic Materials Engineering from 2018-2020 and Associate Director HDR in the Research School of Physics from 2020-2023.