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Coffee with postdocs

Matt Thompson profile
Matt is currently developing radiation-resistant materials aimed to protect other components within the fusion reactor, like ITER.
Zuzana Slavkovska profile
Zuzana and her colleagues are pushing the boundaries of our knowledge about the nature of the universe and its fundamental building blocks.

Student profiles

Jackson Dowie profile
"I'd heard that ANU was the best place in the southern hemisphere for research"
Dominik Koll profile
"When a star explodes, it travels through space, arrives on Earth, and settles on the ocean floor,"
Wenjie Yang profile
"We're in a time where we no longer need to deal with what Nature gives us"
Ash Pascale profile
"As a child, I was constantly surrounded by strong female scientists in science fiction media."
Kai Wang profile
"We are the first to bring the use of metasurfaces to the imaging of quantum entangled photons"
Victoria Zinnecker profile
I fell in love with Australia. Every moment free I spend travelling
Patrick McGlynn profile
As a kid Patrick McGlynn loved to take things apart and see how they worked, and then put them back together.
Jacob Ross profile
"There are already connections with a huge range of topics in physics, who's to say what's around the corner?"
Nutsinee Kijbunchoo profile
"That moment was when I first realized how important my work was"
Tom Shiell profile
"My supervisor has been really supportive, don't underestimate how important that is"
Tamara Babij profile
"Every day I walk into the lab and find out new things"