Physics scholarships

Scholarships and grants are provided to assist students with the cost of their studies.

Scholarships vary in value and may be offered to cover some or all of the costs associated with tuition, accommodation, materials, cost of living and other expenses. The Conditions of Award for each scholarship stipulates what the scholarship may be used for.

Undergraduate scholarships

The complete list of scholarships available to ANU undergraduate students is available on the central ANU website.

In addition to the centrally listed scholarships, the following scholarships may specifically be of interest to physics undergraduate students:

Honours scholarships

The complete list of ANU honours scholarships is available on the central ANU website.

Some scholarships of interest to physics honours students include:

Summer research scholarships

Summer Research Scholarships aim to provide talented physics, engineering and maths students with an opportunity to experience research based activities at Physics at ANU.

The scholarship, available to university students across Australia and New Zealand, provides an allowance and full board and accommodation on the ANU campus.

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Graduate scholarships

ANU offers a variety of scholarships to eligible students studying a graduate degree program. Scholarships are provided to assist students with the cost of their studies.

For a comprehensive list of scholarships please visit the central ANU list of scholarships available to coursework and research graduate students.

The following grant is available to currently enrolled physics students requiring assistance.

Coursework students

Coursework graduate students are encouraged to check out the central ANU list of scholarships.

Some scholarships that may be of interest to physics masters students include:

Domestic research students

The following stipend scholarships are available to domestic applicants

Currently, domestic students automatically receive a Research Training Program (RTP) Fee Offset scholarship when admitted to an eligible HDR program at the University. RTP Fee Offset scholarships, provided by the University, pay for the tuition fees of a HDR student that would otherwise have been paid by the student.

More information on RTP scholarships is available in the

International research students

International students are required to pay tuition fees. Please see the Indicative Higher Degree Research Fees for information on current tuition fees for international students.

A number of scholarships is available to International PhD students to help with the cost of tuition and living expenses:

Scholarships for MPhil candidates are funded by individual schools/Colleges. Physics at ANU is currently unable to offer scholarships to international MPhil applicants.

A number of external scholarship opportunities for international students is also available:

Applicants should consider that living costs in Australia are high.

All international students are required to have visa-length Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

For PhD students OSHC should normally be arranged for 57 months. Please see Overseas Student Health Cover - Duration & Costs.


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