Our research

Physics at ANU represents the largest university based physics research activity in the country. This enormous endeavour, encompassing almost all areas of physics from quantum science to string theory, employs almost 200 academics and many more students and technical personal. The majority of our funding is derived from competitive grants, which is testimony to the quality and value of the contributions our scientists are making at an international level.

Research departments

The Research School of Physics is divided into five research departments each focused around a theme.

EME Group
Electronic Materials Engineering
Conducts world-class multidisciplinary research and education across a broad range of fields, spanning from fundamental optical physics, solid-state physics and materials science to photonic device engineering.
FTP Group
Fundamental and Theoretical Physics
Provides a platform for theoretical and computational physicists across various disciplines to exchange theoretical concepts and tools, while fostering deep connections with other Departments and Schools.
J Bradby
Materials Physics
Spans the disciplines of physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology. We explore the complexity materials from soft condensed matter to rocks, diamonds, semiconductors and more.
NPAA Group
Nuclear Physics and Accelerator Applications
Operates the premier laboratory in Australia for accelerator-based research in nuclear physics, providing and developing facilities for local staff and national and international outside users.
QST Group
Quantum Science and Technology
Pursues basic scientific experimental and theoretical research in the quantum mechanics of many body systems and translates basic research to devices, applications and commercialisation.

Centres, networks & national facilities

Our School also hosts a number of research centres, networks and national facilities