Department of Materials Physics

The Department of Materials Physics does both fundamental and applied research. Excellence, training, and translation are at the core of our activities. We host the ARC Training Centre for Multiscale 3D Imaging, Modelling and Manufacturing.

We have researchers spanning the disciplines of physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology. We explore the complexity materials from soft condensed matter to rocks, diamonds, semiconductors and more. We believe we have an obligation to make a positive difference in the world and aim to do research that supports a transition to a carbon-neutral planet.

Our expertise:

  • Porous and disordered materials
  • Surface science and interfacial forces
  • Ion-beam and plasma modification of materials
  • Crystalline and Complex Networks
  • Advanced materials
  • Synchrotron based analytical techniques
  • Plasma interactions with materials
  • High pressure physics
  • Nanopores and biosensors

Our capabilities:

  • X-ray tomography systems
  • 3D Imaging
  • Mechanical characterisation of materials from the nano to maco-scales.
  • Ion-beam and plasma systems
  • Diamond anvil cells and shear cells to 100 GPa
  • Atomic force microscopes

Our values:

  • We want to do all we can to achieve a carbon neutral planet.
  • We support the best possible training of our students.
  • We support each other and work cooperatively to achieve as a team.
  • We maintain the highest academic and ethical standards.
  • We welcome and encourage scientific discourse, unconstrained by traditional subject boundaries.
  • We embrace diversity in all its forms (i.e. scientific background, gender, ethnicity, age) as essential to our success.

Our research groups

Experimental plasma science group

The experimental plasma science group addresses both fundamental and applied questions relating to the advancement of plasma-related research for both societal and industrial benefit. The group undertakes a portfolio of plasma research in areas such as next-generation fusion reactors, space propulsion, materials science and environmental applications.

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X-ray tomography and applications group

Our group builds on the Department's 3D microscopy capabilities, developing novel imaging, analysis and modelling techniques. These give us a deep understanding of the properties of complex materials such as: drought-tolerant plants, negative-carbon materials, extraction of critical minerals, geologic storage of CO2, wood based mechanical meta-materials and defects in additive manufacturing.

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Colloids group

We do fundamental and applied research in the area of colloid and interface science within the field of soft condensed matter. Current active areas of research include, specific ion effects, concentrated electrolyte solutions, wetting surface forces and nanobubbles.

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Advanced materials group

We create new materials for applications in energy, health, and advanced manufacturing.

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