Emeritus Professor Robert Elliman

Elliman, Robert profile
Position Emeritus Professor
Department Physics Education Centre
Electronic Materials Engineering
Nuclear Physics & Accelerator Applications
Research group Electronic materials group
Qualifications B.Appl.Sc., M.Appl.Sc., PhD, DSc, FAIP, FIP
Office phone (02) 612 50521
Office Cockcroft 4 42
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Rob Elliman is a Professor of Physics in the Research School of Physics and Engineering at the Australian National University (ANU) and Director, Ion Beam Modification and Analysis of Materials Node, Australian Heavy-Ion Accelerator Program. His fields of research include: nanotechnology; semiconductor materials science and engineering; and ion-beam modification of materials, in which he has published over 300 papers and several book chapters.

Research interests

Semiconductor Materials Research

  • Memristive behaviour in transition metal oxides.
  • Neuristor devices based on Mott memristors.
  • Nonvolatile memory technology (e.g. ReRAM). 
  • Metal-insulator transition in NbOx as a memory selector element
  • Semiconductor nanotechnology.

Ion-Beam Modification and Analysis of Materials

  • Ion-Implantation.
  • Ion-beam synthesis of novel materials (graphene, nanocrystals, etc)
  • Ion-beam induced defects and their interactions.
  • Novel applications of ion-implantation.
  • Radiation damage in reactor materials.