Professor Andrei Rode

Rode, Andrei profile
Position Emeritus Professor
Department Quantum Science & Technology
Research group Laser physics, optics and photonics group
Office phone (02) 612 54637
Office John Carver 3 15

Research interests

  • Laser ablation and laser deposition of films;
  • Nanoclusters and their properties, in particularly nanoclusters formed in a laser ablated plume;
  • Interaction of ultra-short laser radiation with matter: electron-phonon energy coupling, ionisation, ablation, and ion acceleration;
  • Application of short-pulse laser-matter interaction phenomena in nanotechnology, medicine, micromachining, optical memory, photon science and technology, and art conservation.

Grants and awards



  • New Landscape of non-equilibrium material phases with exotic properties ($571.500)
    A. V. Rode, S. Juodkazis, J. Williams, D. Golberg, C. J. Pickard, B. Haberl, W. Yang, L. Rapp


  • Exploring Matter Under Extreme Femtosecond Laser Irradiation
    Programme International de Cooperation Scientifique (PICS, France - €25,500)
  • An advanced Raman system for materials characterization
    ANU Major Equipment Committee ($332,000)


  • CNRS Professorial Fellowship
  • Unified first-principle analysis of ultra-intense laser-matter interactions: Theory, computation and experiments
    Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR, USA, together with the University of Arizona and Colorado School of Mines) (Total – US$1.5M; ANU part – US$295,000)
    A. V. Rode, E. G. Gamaly


  • Ultra-fast alchemy: A new strategy to synthesise super-dense nanomaterials ($560,000)
    A. V. Rode, S. Juodkazis, W. Yang
  • An upgraded facility for research in nonlinear optics and photonics for the visible and mid-infra-red ANU Major Equipment Committee ($140,000)



  • Nanometrology of air-borne particles ($510,000)
    A. V. Rode, W. Krolikowski, M. J. Padgett
  • Three-dimensional super-resolution nanophotonic fabrication facility ($360,000)
    Min Gu, X.Gan, R.C.McPhedran, C.Zhang, K.Alameh, R.A.Lewis, G.-D.Peng, K.R.Catchpole, S.Juodkazis, D.Day, B.Jia, A.V.Pan, J.Horvat, A.Canagasabey, A.V.Rode, C.M. deSterke, M.Vasiliev



  • A co-thermal evaporation system for the production of chalcogenide thin films for photonics ($270,000) 
    B.Luther-Davies, R.Wang, D.A. Bulla, A.V.Rode, S.Madden, C.Monat, D.J.Moss, C.Grillet, D-Y.Choi, B.J.Eggleton, M.D.Pelusi, S.D.Jackson
  • An analytical transmission electron microscope for the investigation of functional materials, earth processes and novel condensed matter ($1,000,000)
    C.Ridgway, A.Cuevas, J.S.Williams, Y.-Y.J.Wong-Leung, C.Jagadish, A.V.Rode, I.Jackson, D.H.Macdonald, J.D.Fitz Gerald, Z.H.Stachurski


  • Spatial Light Modulator ($12,000)
    A. V. Rode



  • Ultrafast photonic hammer: A new strategy to synthesise super-dense super-hard nanomaterials ($320,000)
    A.V.Rode, S. Juodkazis


  • Optical vortices for trapping and guiding nanoparticles in air ($482,000)
    A.V. Rode, W. Krolikowksi, A. Desyatnikov

Australian Academy of Science

  • Scientific Visits to Europe (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France) ($8,500)
    A.V. Rode



  • A new nano-sensor technology for the detection and identification of residual vapour of explosives, drugs and chemicals in the air ($280,000)
    D.K.Gramotnev, P.M.Fredericks, A.V.Rode, V.Otieno-Alego, K.P.Kirkbride
  • Micro and Nanostructure Optical Characterisation Facility ($650,000)
  • An advanced Optical Profiler ($163,000)
    B. Luther-Davies, S. Madden, A. V. Rode, R. P. Wang



  • Laser epitaxial growth of heterostructures for quantum optics and photonics applications ($109,000)
    B. Luther-Davies
S. Madden, A. V. Rode,
M. Sellars



  • Ultra-high density permanent and/or erasable optical memory in photorefractive media ($695,000)
    W.Z.Krolikowski, A.V Rode, E.G.Gamaly
  • Shortpulse laser cleaning for Australian heritage conservation ($166,000)
    A.V.Rode, K.G.H.Baldwin, L.A.Wain, S.Laidler, J.T.Land, S.R.Moore, J.Barr, D.W.Gardner

CNRS, France

  • CNRS Visiting Professor, Mediterranean University, Marseille, France



  • Nanoclusters with extraordinary properties made out of ordinary materials ($325,000)
    A.V. Rode, B. Luther-Davies, A. Christy



  • Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship ($365,000)