Department of Quantum Science & Technology

The Department of Quantum Science and Technology pursues basic scientific experimental and theoretical research in the quantum mechanics of many body systems and translates basic research to devices, applications and commercialisation. At present, the department is focussed on the quantum mechanics of photons, cooled atoms, NV centres, quasi-particles and solid state rare earth systems to investigate the fundamental physics of measurement, squeezing, entanglement, and quantum control among other many-body phenomena and the translation of those ideas and developments to applications in communication, computing and sensing.

We are an outward looking, strongly networked department that is hungry for new directions, new basic science, new applications, new collaborations and clever, motivated staff and students. We look to attract the best talent available and to help young people to find their place in the world, whether it be in academia, industry, government or their own start-up.

We have and will continue to have a strong commitment to teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We are inclusive. We appreciate diversity and all that it brings. We are acutely aware of the gender imbalance in academia, government and industry and work hard to change that culture.

Our research groups

Quantum optics group

The research interests of the quantum optics group are experimental quantum information, the physics and applications of of atom-light interaction, quantum metrology and non-linear optics. We are located in the Department of Quantum Science, which is a part of the Research School of Physics and Engineering.

Laser physics, optics and photonics group

The Laser Physics, Optics and Photonics group undertakes research and training at the highest international level on a range of topics with a balance between fundamental, strategic and applied laser-based research. The research program spans many of the most exciting aspects of contemporary laser physics, optics and photonics.

Solid-state spectroscopy group

The Solid-state spectroscopy group specialises in the study of optically active centres in crystals. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, combining the fields of fundamental spectroscopy, quantum optics, condensed matter physics, quantum information, crystal growth and quantum physics theory.

Polariton BEC group

We undertake experimental and theoretical research on Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) of exciton-polaritons in semiconductor microcavities. Our projects include low-dimensional physics of exciton-polaritons, the generation of non-classical states, non-equlibrium physics, and fundamental investigations aiming to enable future polaritonic devices.

He* BEC group

Our research involves experimental studies of Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) of metastable helium.

Atom laser group

Our research ranges from atomlaser lithography through to atom interferometry, practical deep learning networks, squeezing and nonlinear atom optics.


Head, Quantum Science & Technology

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Administrator, Quantum Science & Technology

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