About the Research School of Physics

Tim Senden the school's director

Professor Timothy Senden, Director

The Research School of Physics at The Australian National University is a leading institution dedicated to advancing the field of physics and its practical applications. With a rich history spanning over 75 years, the School has a distinguished record of scientific discoveries and translational successes. Our team of over 500 faculty, staff, and students is our most valuable asset, driving interdisciplinary collaborations and fostering innovative research excellence.

Recently, we have expanded our capabilities with a new, purpose-built building featuring state-of-the-art labs and a world-class clean room. Our research projects aim to revolutionize the world, from the development of advanced materials for future technology to the exploration of novel quantum sensing techniques and the use of ion thrusters for spacecraft. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of physics ensures that our researchers are at the forefront of new discoveries and innovations.

At the Research School of Physics, we are deeply committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. We firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive community nurtures creativity, innovation, and academic excellence, and we are constantly working to make our community more welcoming and supportive for all. We offer a wide range of programs and opportunities for students to get involved in research and academic pursuits, such as the ANU PhB research program and Summer Research Scholarships for undergraduate students.

Join our community of scientists and innovators in the pursuit of transformative research and the discovery of world-changing breakthroughs. Find out more about how you can get involved at The Australian National University's Research School of Physics.

School structure

The School contains five departments as well as many networks, centres and national facilities.

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As one of four foundation schools our history dates back to the creation of the Australian National University in 1946.

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Annual reports

The more recent history and scientific achievements of our school are available in our online annual reports.

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We aim to create a culture where all our staff and students can work and study in an inclusive environment.

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