A/Prof Maarten Vos

Vos, Maarten profile
Position Departmental Visitor
Department Materials Physics
Research group
Qualifications MSc PhD Gröningen
Office phone (02) 612 54985
Office Cockcroft 4 37
Webpage http://physics.anu.edu.au/ampl/rese...


Maarten Vos studied experimental physics at Groningen University.  His PhD in Groningen (1987) was focussed on ion implantation and ion channeling.  Afterwards Vos did a post-doc in the group of John Weaver at the University of Minnesota (electron spectroscopy of interfaces) followed by a post-doc in the group of Ian Mitchell at University of Western Ontario, London,  Canada (ion beam studies of surfaces).

In 1992 Vos took up a position  with the Electronic structure of Matter center at the Flinders University of South Australia (headed by Erich Weigold and Ian McCarthy) exploring the possibilities of electron momentum spectroscopy (EMS) of thin films.  Since 1998 this project was continued at the Australian National University, but in recent years his interest has shifted somewhat to different flavours  of high-energy electron spectroscopy, which can be done in a  unique way using the (somewhat modified)  EMS spectrometer.

Research interests

The current focus of my interest is the understanding of the interaction of high-energy electrons with matter, and developing the spectroscopic tools required for testing our understanding in this field.

More specific topics include (but are not limited) to tefollowing:

-Electronic structure of materials

-recoil effects in electron scattering

-High-energy electron spectroscopy

-Thin film analysis

-Spectrometer development