Dr Jihua Zhang

Position Research Fellow
Department Electronic Materials Engineering
Research group Nonlinear and quantum photonics group
Office phone (02) 612 59203
Office Physics New 3 23

Recent publications

M. Elkabbash, T. Letsou, S. Jalil, N. Hoffman, J. H. Zhang, J. Rutledge, A. Lininger, C. H. Fann, M. Hinczewski, G. Strangi and C. L. Guo, “Fano-resonant ultrathin film optical coatings”, Nature Nanotechnology 16, 440-446 (2021).

S. Lung, K. Wang, K. Z. Kamali, J. H. Zhang, M. Rahmani, D. N. Neshev, A. A. Sukhorukov, “Complex-birefringent dielectric metasurfaces for arbitrary polarization-pair transformations”, ACS Photonics 7(11), 3015–3022 (2020).

J. H. Zhang, R. Wei, C. L. Guo, “Simultaneous implementation of antireflection and antitransmission through multipolar interference in plasmonic metasurfaces and applications in optical absorbers and broadband polarizers”, Nanophotonics, 9(15), 4529-4538 (2020).

J. H. Zhang, R. Wei, M. ElKabbash, E. M. Campbell, and C. L. Guo, “Thin-film perfect infrared absorbers over single- and dual-band atmospheric windows”, Optics Letters 45(10), 2800-2803 (2020). 

C. N. Yao, Y. L. Wang, J. H. Zhang*, X. L. Zhang, C. Zhao, B. Wang, S. Singh, C. L. Guo, “Dielectric nanoaperture metasurfaces in silicon waveguides for efficient and broadband mode conversion with an ultrasmall footprint”, Advanced Optical Materials 8(17), 2000529 (2020).

C. H. Fann#, J. H. Zhang#, M. ElKabbash, W. R Donaldson, E. M. Campbell, C. L. Guo, “Broadband infrared plasmonic metamaterial absorber with multipronged absorption mechanisms”, Optics Express 27(20), 27917-27926 (2019).

J. H. Zhang, M. ElKabbash, R. Wei, S. C. Singh, B. Lam, and C. L. Guo, “Plasmonic metasurfaces with 42.3% transmission efficiency in the visible”, Light: Science & Applications 8, 53 (2019).

C. Q. Jin, J. H. Zhang* and C. L. Guo, “Metasurface integrated with double-helix point spread function and metalens for three-dimensional imaging”, Nanophotonics 8(3), 451-458 (2019).

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