Undergraduate physics

Our undergraduate physics program offers a unique and personalized learning experience. With over 150 academic physicists and small class sizes, students receive individual attention and tailored advice throughout their studies. The program boasts award-winning educators and an active physics education research and development program.

The Research School of Physics provides a diverse and cutting-edge research environment with opportunities for students to get involved in a wide range of research projects in fields such as Cosmology, Nuclear and Plasma Physics, Quantum Cryptography, and Electronic Materials Engineering, among others.

In addition to our classroom and research opportunities, ANU offers hands-on learning experiences through our ANU MakerSpace, a facility for all members of the ANU community to learn through making. The Makerspace offers access to state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and electronics workstations. The Makerspace is a great way to apply the theoretical knowledge you gain in the classroom and develop practical skills that will be useful in future research and industry work.

The undergraduate laboratories are well-equipped and provide a hands-on approach to learning. The program also offers a strong Peer Assisted Learning program to help first-year students adjust to university study.

For those interested in pursuing research-focused or advanced degrees, such as the Bachelor of Philosophy (PhB) or the Bachelor of Science (Advanced), ANU has a long history of providing special opportunities and experiences throughout their degree. Join the community of physicists at ANU and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to make a meaningful impact in the world of physics.

Come explore the exciting field of physics at ANU and discover where your passion can take you.

Undergraduate research

Undergrad research

At ANU you can participate in world class physics research during your undergraduate degree.

undergraduate research

Physics honours degree

Physics honours

An honours degree at ANU gives you the opportunity to pursue a research topic at the cutting edge of science.

study honours

Undergraduate physics courses

Physics degrees

The physics and astrophysics degrees and courses offered can be found on the ANU Programs and Courses website.

ANU programs and courses

Scholarships and awards

Find out about scholarships and awards available to undergraduate students.

Course structure

Through the Physics Education Centre, the Physics ANU offers a range of coursework programs at undergraduate and graduate level with a range of Majors and Specialisations.

First year (for physics majors)
Semester 1Semester 2
PHYS1001-Foundations of Physics 
PHYS1101-Physics I
 PHYS1201-Physics 2
 PHYS1004-Life Physics
Second year (for physics majors)
Semester 1Semester 2
PHYS2013-Quantum MechanicsPHYS2016-Electromagnetism
PHYS2020-Thermal and Statistical PhysicsPHYS2201-Classical Mechanics
 PHYS2205- Physics for Future Leaders
Third year (for physics majors)
Semester 1Semester 2
PHYS3057-Optical PhysicsPHYS3010-Hydrogen Economy
PHYS3101-Advanced Quantum MechanicsPHYS3032-Solid State Physics
PHYS3102-Advanced ElectromagnetismPHYS3051-Photonic Sensing Systems
PHYS3105-Physics of MatterPHYS3070-Physics of the Earth
PHYS3711-Fundamentals of Noise and MeasurementPHYS3201-Quantum Field Theory
 PHYS3203-General Relativity
 PHYS3103-Advanced Statistical Mechanics
PHYS3042-Research Topics Physics* (Also available over summer)
PHYS3103-Advanced Statistical Mechanics
PHYS3104-Physics Advanced Laboratory
Honours year
Find the details of honour year on the honours website

*Shaded courses can be counted towards the major requirements

Course Tree

We also offer a Physics Minor for those students wishing to pursue some physics to complement a major in another discipline.


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