Associate Professor Eugene Gamaly

Gamaly, Eugene profile
Department Quantum Science & Technology
Research group Laser physics, optics and photonics group
Qualifications MSc. (Moscow State University, Russia, 1958), PhD. (Federal Nuclear Center, Russia, 1970), D.Sc., Professor of Physics, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, USSR (1980)
Office phone (02) 612 58659

Research interests

High temperature and high-density plasma physics, laser fusion

Ultra-short laser-matter interaction, laser-induced phonon excitation, phase transformations and ablation

Nanocluster formation in laser plume created by ultra-short lasers

Generation of high pressure and formation of super-dense materials during confined micro-explosion induced by tightly focused Gauss and vortex laser beams inside a transparent solid

Current projects and collaborations

“Ultra-high density permanent and/or erasable optical memory in photorefractive media, in collaboration with Prof. W. Krolikowski and Profs. A. Rode (LPC) and S. Joudkazis (University of Swinburne)

Generation of TPa pressure inside the bulk of transparent solids and formation of super-dense materials, in collaboration with Profs. A. Rode, and S. Joudkazis (University of Swinburne)

Electron-phonon interactions, generation of coherent phonons in solids excited by femtosecond lasers in collaboration with Prof. A. Rode (LPC)