Mr. Kyle Wright is a past member of RSPE. Contact details and information may no longer be correct.

Mr. Kyle Wright

Position PhD Student
Research group
Office phone (02) 612 59073
Office 3 21

Research interests

My primary research interests lie at the intersection of geometry and physics. In particular, I am interested in `stringy geometry'---investigating the appropriate geometric framework for describing string theory.

General relativity is described using differential geometry on Riemannian manifolds. Gauge theories are described using principal G-bundles. T-duality is a symmetry in string theory which maps identifies equivalent string theory solutions on geometrically and topologically distinct backgrounds. Some string backgrounds are `non-geometric', exhibiting non-commutative and even non-associative geometric behaviour. I am interested in studying various aspects of higher structures in geometry, and their relationship to string theory and quantum field theory.

Research interests keywords:

  • Double field theory and Exceptional field theory
  • Generalised geometry 
  • Exceptional geometry
  • Lie algebroids
  • Lie-algebroids
  • String theory
  • T-duality
  • Supergravity
  • `non-geometric' backgrounds
  • T-folds
  • non-associative geometry
  • Higher structures in geometry, such as 2-principal bundles and gerbes


Recent publications

K. Wright,
Generalised contact geometry as reduced generalised contact geometry

P. Bouwknegt, M. Bugden, C. Klimcík, and K. Wright,
Hidden isometry of ``T-duality without isometry'',
JHEP  08 (2017) 116,

A. Bradley, and K. Wright,
Stochastic longevity of a dark soliton in a finite-temperature Bose-Einstein condensate,

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