A/Prof Jennifer Wong-Leung is a past member of RSPE. Contact details and information may no longer be correct.

A/Prof Jennifer Wong-Leung

Wong-Leung, Jennifer profile
Department Electronic Materials Engineering
Research group Semiconductor optoelectronics and nanotechnology group
Qualifications BSc Hons Physics Bristol, PhD ANU
Office phone (02) 612 50360
Webpage https://scholar.google.com.au/citat...


Jenny Wong-Leung is currently a senior fellow in the department of Electronic Materials Engineering. She first obtained a bachelor of science in Physics with honours at the University of Bristol in UK in 1991 and then completed a PhD degree at the Australian National University in 1997. She held an ARC postdoctoral fellowship (1998-2001) on implantation induced defects in silicon and also an ARC QEII fellowship (2002-2007) based on “Ion implantation in Silicon Carbide for microelectronics applications”. Her broad research interests are in the structural and electrical characterisation of semiconductors. She specialises in electron microscopy of semiconductor structures, defect characterisation in ion implanted semiconductors, as grown semiconductor heterostructures and nanostructures. Most recently she is passionate about using electron microscopy characterisation to improve growth and fabrication of semiconductor nanowires and other nanostructures. Her research projects are hinged on a range of characterisation and fabrication techniques to optimise performance and understand the underlying physics. She has over 100 journal publications and a H-index of 26 (web of science) and 30 (google scholar).(Updated November2016)

Research interests

My current research interests are

  • materials challenges in ZnO
  • Electron microscopy characterisation of nanowires and semiconductor heterostructures
  • Ion implantation processing and defects in semiconductors
  • electrical characterisation of semiconductor Schottky diodes 
  • ternary nanowire growth, composition and morphology
  • characterisation of organic perovskites

Grants and awards

  1. ARC DP2015: J. Wong-Leung and H.J. Joyce, Towards phase, composition and homogeneity control in ternary nanowires, (2015-2017).


She delivered the one-day Introduction to TEM course at the Centre for Advanced Microscopy (2010-2015) and is currently a co-lecturer for the condensed matter physics course PHYS3032.

Technical expertise

  • electron microscopy techniques : TEM, STEM and SEM
  • electrical characterisation of semiconductors : deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS), thermal admittance spectroscopy and Hall effect measurements