Mr Peng Yu

Mr Peng Yu is a past member of RSPE contact details and information may no longer be correct
Mr Peng Yu
Department of Electronic Materials Engineering
Cockcroft 4 36
Office hours
Mon 9:00–17:45

Research interests

Quantum Dot Solar Solar Cell; Plasmonic; Nanowire; Metamaterial Absorber

Publication highlights

Yu, Peng, Jiang Wu, Shenting Liu, Jie Xiong, Chennupati Jagadish, and Zhiming M. Wang. "Design and fabrication of silicon nanowires towards efficient solar cells." Nano Today(2016).

Yu, Peng, Jiang Wu, Eric Ashalley, Alexander Govorov, and Zhiming Wang. "Dual-band absorber for multispectral plasmon-enhanced infrared photodetection." Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49, no. 36 (2016): 365101.

Yu, Peng, Jiang Wu, Lei Gao, Huiyun Liu, and Zhiming Wang. "InGaAs and GaAs quantum dot solar cells grown by droplet epitaxy." Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 161 (2017): 377-381.

Yu, Peng, Yisen Yao, Jiang Wu, Xiaobin Niu, Andrey L. Rogach, and Zhiming Wang. "Effects of plasmonic metal core-dielectric shell nanoparticles on the broadband light absorption enhancement in thin film solar cells." Scientific reports 7, no. 1 (2017): 7696.

Wu, Jiang, Peng Yu, Andrei S. Susha, Kimberly A. Sablon, Haiyuan Chen, Zhihua Zhou, Handong Li et al. "Broadband efficiency enhancement in quantum dot solar cells coupled with multispiked plasmonic nanostars." Nano Energy 13 (2015): 827-835. First coauthor

Liu, De-Sheng, Jiang Wu, Yanan Wang, Haining Ji, Lei Gao, Xin Tong, Muhammad Usman, Peng Yu, and Zhiming Wang. "Tailored performance of layered transition metal dichalcogenides via integration with low dimensional nanostructures." RSC Advances 7, no. 20 (2017): 11987-11997. Corresponding author

Wu, Jiang, Lihui Liu, Shenting Liu, Peng Yu, Zerui Zheng, Muhammad Shafa, Zhihua Zhou, Handong Li, Haining Ji, and Zhiming M. Wang. "High responsivity photoconductors based on iron pyrite nanowires using sulfurization of anodized iron oxide nanotubes." Nano letters 14, no. 10 (2014): 6002-6009.

Xia, Wanshun, Liping Dai, Peng Yu, Xin Tong, Wenping Song, Guojun Zhang, and Zhiming Wang. "Recent progress in van der Waals heterojunctions." Nanoscale 9, no. 13 (2017): 4324-4365.

Zheng, Zerui, Haining Ji, Peng Yu, and Zhiming Wang. "Recent progress towards quantum dot solar cells with enhanced optical absorption." Nanoscale research letters 11, no. 1 (2016): 266.

Liu, Shenting, Jiang Wu, Peng Yu, Qinghua Ding, Zhihua Zhou, Handong Li, Chih-chung Lai, Yu-Lun Chueh, and Zhiming M. Wang. "Phase-pure iron pyrite nanocrystals for low-cost photodetectors." Nanoscale research letters 9, no. 1 (2014): 549.

Shafa, Muhammad, Haining Ji, Lei Gao, Peng Yu, Qinghua Ding, Zhihua Zhou, Handong Li, Xiaobin Niu, Jiang Wu, and Zhiming M. Wang. "Mid-infrared photodetectors based on InSb micro/nanostructures grown on low-cost mica substrates." Materials Letters 169 (2016): 77-81.


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