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Dr Ross Stephens

Department Department of Applied Mathematics
Office phone (02) 612 58804
Office Wes Whitten Ground G05
Webpage http://www.researcherid.com/rid/A-8...
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Ross Stephens is a biochemistry PhD graduate of Sydney University with 40 years experience in cell biology and cancer research. A large part of his career has been spent in Scandinavia, especially at the Finsen Laboratory, Copenhagen University Hospital and at the Haartman Institute, University of Helsinki. He has extensive experience in University-industry collaborations, as well as employment in the pharmaceutical industry. Back in Australia he has worked closely with industry in the oncology area, and currently leads the Biomedical Radiochemistry Laboratory at the Australian National University that has collaborative research projects with Sirtex Technology Pty Ltd, an Australian company marketing a successful internal radiation therapy for liver cancer patients. In 2013 Sirtex established a personal chair for Professor Stephens in the Department of Applied Mathematics. His most recent work is in the application of radiolabelled nanoparticle composites for in vivo imaging studies of disease processes, including sepsis. He has published 140 scientific papers and is an inventor on 9 granted and 12 pending US patents.

Research interests

Research Interests:  Biochemistry, Cell Biology, tumour biology, cancer diagnostics, cancer prognostics and cancer therapeutics, targeted therapeutics, nanoparticle composites for radiolabeling molecular probes, nanoparticle composites for diagnostics probes and targeted therapeutics. Publication Stats at 31.03.15, 140 publications, 4594 citations, h-index 35. Nine issued US patents.

Publication highlights

  1. Stephens RW, Knox KJ, Philip LA, Debono KM, Bell JL, King DW, Parish CR, Senden TJ, Tanudji MR, Winter JG, Bickley SA, Tapner MJ, Pang JH, Jones SK. The uptake of soluble and nanoparticulate imaging isotope in model liver tumours after intra-venous and intra-arterial administration. Biomaterials 2015;39:218-224.
  2. Freeman CG, Parish CR, Knox KJ, Blackmore JL, Lobov SA, King DW, Senden TJ, Stephens RW. The accumulation of circulating histones on heparan sulfate in the capillary glycocalyx of the lungs. Biomaterials 2013;34:5670-5676.
  3. Lobov SA, King DW, Knox KJ, Senden TJ, Stephens RW. Cationised radiolabelled nanoparticles for perfusion imaging of the lungs. Biomaterials 2013;34:1732-1738.



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