Research themes

"Interactions between atoms and molecules have fundamental effects on everything around us"
"The application to Endex carbon capture is an interesting example of how high quality fundamental mathematics research can turn out to have important applications to new problems."
"What we're doing is essentially engineering but at the atomic and molecular scale"
"With waveguides this long it's possible for non-linear processes to take place in fibre optic light, this is perfect for optical chip technology"
"The unique properties of plasma mean that it has a wide variety of technological applications"
"Exotic quantum phenomena have important practical applications in areas such and cryptography and quantum noise reduction"
"Improved understanding of disordered porous media has applications ranging from the petrochemical industries to inks and papers"
"Physics has a key role to play in addressing the looming energy crisis"
"Fusion has the potential to offer vast amounts of power with no greenhouse emissions"
"It's the combination of surface and quantum effects that make nanotechnology such a unique and interesting area to work in"
"The School operates the premier facility in Australia for accelerator-based research in physics of the nucleus"
"By understanding the quantum world, we can create technologies that would have seemed impossible just a couple of decades ago"
"In the ten dimensional spacetime of string theory, only a single parameter is required to describe the world volume making the mathematics a lot more elegant."

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