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The main research activities are organised around the following themes:

Mathematical physics and topology

Mathematical foundations and properties of physical models are investigated through advanced formal and numerical developments. Our activities include exactly solved models in statistical mechanics and quantum field theory, as well as mathematical aspects of string theory and conformal field theory. Our research interests also span computational topology and geometry.

Complex systems

State of the art theoretical and numerical models are developed to study dynamics of complex interacting systems. One focus is on quantum many-body modelling of nuclear reactions and many-electron systems exposed to external laser fields such as fluids, molecules, atoms and nuclei. Other research activities include studies of classical solitons and dissipative solitons, especially of their impact on extreme events such as rogue waves.

Particles and interactions

How elementary particles interact to form nucleons and atomic nuclei is an open question of interest to the Department. We are also involved in the search for the origin of Dark Matter through participation to the ARC Centre of Excellence on Dark Matter Particle Physics .

Though our research is fundamental, it underpins many applications such as emerging technology of quantum devices, quantum control of chemical reactions, nuclear technologies and rogue wave prediction.

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