Work health and safety

The Research School of Physics has an extensive work, health and safety (WHS) program that aims to provide staff and students with the structures, systems and support to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all people within the school. The School has many and varied potential hazards. These potential hazards must be identified, risk assessed, and appropriate controls implemented. The goal is to eliminate harmful incidents or injury.

For life threatening emergencies you should first call:

(0) 000 - then call ANU Security on 612 52249

Chief Warden - Graeme Cornish - 612 53062 / 0404 857 302.

RSPhys WHS Manager - Rick Walsh - 612 50105

RSPhys Work, Health and Safety Committee chair - Prof Tim Senden. Quick link to RSPE WHS committee

HSR (Health and Safety Representative)

     Huma Latif - 612 55028

     Ilya Shadrivov - 612 58095

Incidents: If a hazardous incident or injury occurs, please contact your supervisor immediately or the appropriate person for assistance.

All Hazards/Incidents/Exposures MUST be reported as quickly as practical via Figtree


Risk Assessment and Safe Work Procedure Templates

Please complete the various risk assessment templates and forward to when approved and signed. Contact our WHS team for assistance.

COVID-19 - working in the COVID-19 pandemic

Information related to the RSPhys response to COVID-19. Please read for more information or contact your Head of Department or School Executive.

WHS contacts

First aid officers

Saskia Morris Physics Bld G.11e, (MakerSpace)
Rachael HanrickPhysics Bld G.11e, (MakerSpace)0404 289
Shankar DuttCarver Bld J4-11,
Patrick KluthCarver Bld J4-15, 50358 / 040 8663
Liudmila MangosCockcroft Bld C3.02C, (admin)
Michael BlacksellCockcroft Bld C4.51, 51570 / 045 0962
Joshua MachacekCockcroft Bld C5.08,
Christian NotthoffNuclear Physics 1.02, 048 1356
Justin HeighwayNuclear Physics 1.14, 52085 / 043 5148
Tom KitchenNuclear Physics 1.14, 53954 / 043 9432
Ben Swinton-BlandNuclear Physics 2.42,
Dongyun JeungNuclear Physics 2.45,
Zuzana SlavkovskaNuclear Physics 2.49,
Lauren BezzinaNuclear Physics 2.51, 52083 / 043 4928 321
AJ MitchellNuclear Physics 2.53,
James SullivanOliphant OL 4.19,
Julie ArnoldOliphant OL 4.30, (admin)50020 / 042 2815
Belinda BarbourPhysics Bld 1.05, (admin)
Ben BuchlerPhysics Bld 1.12,
Sareh RajabiPhysics Bld 1.76,
Ilya ShadrivovPhysics New P2.09,
Kaushal VoraPhysics New P3.29,
Last Updated: 17/01/2023