Zone Warden (RSPhys South) - Role in an Emergency

The University has a number of appointed emergency fire wardens for each floor and area of its buildings. The wardens for the Research School are listed here:

The responsibiities of these wardens are found at ANU Facilities and Services Fire Safety:

  • Be familiar with the alarm signals
  • Make sure you are attentive to the PA at all times.
    Note - the emergency tones in RSPE have changed and the WIP phones are no longer in use.
  • When the evacuate signal is given then immediately evacuate all staff from your area via a safe exit. Do not use the lifts.
  • Check ALL areas within your zone. Be prepared to check adjoining zones if asked. Feel the door handle for heat if you suspect a fire may be behind it. If warm do not open the door;
  • Ask someone to stand at the outside doors to prevent anyone from entering.
  • Be aware of any mobility-impaired persons in your area. If you do have someone with mobility impairment, assist or get someone else to assist them to a safe area. This is an area behind fire rated doors such as stairwells. Have someone stay with them.
  • After ensuring all staff are clear of the area communicate with the Chief or Deputy Chief (communications) Warden by phone or proceed to the main fire control point. Go via an outside route, not through the buildings, and report to the Chief Warden.
    For the Main Complex, this is in the foyer of the Oliphant Building
    • 02 6125 3062 (Graeme Cornish - diverted to mobile)
    • 02 6125 0000 (RSPE Reception)
    For Nuclear Physics, this is in the North East ground floor stairs
    • 0450 904 877 - Peter Linardakis
  • If you left a mobility impaired person with companion in a safe area ENSURE you TELL the Chief Warden. Check that the Chief Warden has notified the Fire Brigade that there are people in the safe area.
  • If you are not in your Zone, please do not pass through the building(s) to undertake warden duties. Please evacuate and contact the Chief Warden to see if any other assistance is required.

A Deputy Zone Warden shall assume the Zone Warden's responsibilities if the Zone Warden is absent and otherwise assist as required by the Zone Warden.

For those staff and students located in the Leonard Huxley Building please ensure you are familiar with the local procedures. The Chief Warden in this building is Geoff Barlow, phone 02 6125 3745.

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