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The Department actively contributes to teaching and convening undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Physics, Materials Science, Semiconductor Devices and Clean Energy Technologies.


ANU offers unmatched access to real scientific research projects as early as first year for students enrolled in our world class PhB program. Projects are also available for undergraduate students in 3rd year and honours.

Our department currently has available hands on research projects suited to undergraduate students of the following types:

Masters Degree

Interested in the emerging science and technology that underpin the Industry revolution 4.0, quantum technology, and clean energy generation? The Department offers the advanced courses and research topics on Optical Physics, Optoelectronics and Integrated Optics, Materials Applications, and Clean Energy Generation in the Master of Engineering in Photonics, Master of Science in Materials Science and Master of Energy Change programs.

PhD or MSc

Thinking of doing a PhD/MPhil in optical physics/nonlinear optics, solid-state/semiconductor physics, materials science, or photonic/optoelectronic device engineering? Please join us at The Department of Electronic Materials Engineering and be part of a friendly, multidisciplinary research team to develop scientific innovations underpinning future technologies, such as real-time holographic displays, AR/VR, optical/quantum communication, LiDAR, LiFi, wearable medical devices, and green hydrogen generation. You will also have opportunities to gain international and industry research experience through our wide collaborative networks.

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"It is fascinating to work and study here. I realised that I would learn much more than the topic I chose and undoubtedly what I learned there would be very helpful to my future career. It is definitely a great chance to broaden my knowledge, improve my research skills and cultivate my mind."

(Ms. Nian Jiang, PhD student)

"Choosing to do my PhD at EME was one of the best decisions I've made. It's really exciting to be part of world-leading research. There are few places in the world where students have easy access to such amazing experimental facilities. Even more importantly, the academics in the department make wonderful supervisors. Perhaps the best thing about EME is the social and supportive atmosphere. It's rare to find such a friendly and fun department."

(Dr. Hannah Joyce, Oxford University, UK)

"I had a ball of a time doing PhD research at EME. The Department had very smart people, laboratories with impressive and well maintained equipment, a lot of academic freedom, and a friendly atmosphere conducive to learning and research. If I had to go to a graduate school again, I would certainly apply to the EME keeping my fingers crossed that they'd accept me again."

(Dr. Sergei Kucheyev, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

"My PhD experience with EME marked a significant milestone in my intellectual and personal development. The PhD program was both a highly stimulating and personally motivating endeavour that served to focus my energies through rigorous research and academic pursuit. I definitely found the EME PhD experience to be of a sustained and high calibre marked particularly by the professionalism of the esteemed faculty. Not only did these people serve as great inspirations and mentors, many of them also went on to become my close friends and confidantes. I believe that the well-rounded PhD experience that EME has to offer definitely constituted a critical factor in defining my future success in both the academic and professional realms."

(Dr. Alan Li, Rainbow Opto-Electronic Materials Ltd., China)

"The experimental facilities in the Department are world-class, enabling us to produce high-quality research and publish our work in leading journals."

(Mr. Ian McKerracher, PhD student)

"As a student, you need to develop independence but there are always people willing to help. With so many facilities, it is a stimulating environment to undertake a MSc or PhD."

(Ms. Clara Teniswood, PhD student)

"EME was, and still remains, an interesting intersection of understanding the fundamental behaviour of a selection of materials and attempting to apply these findings for new and improved devices. The course of study also offered the opportunity to travel both in Australia and overseas, something very appealing at the time. Most importantly, I learnt about what it is to be a scientist."

(Dr. Craig Johnson, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Australia)

"EME is a great place for doing a PhD or any other kind of research project. The Department also provides a good working environment with many friendly and helpful colleagues, interesting talks from visitors, collaborators, and of course our own staff, as well as many social events."

(Mr. Thomas Bierschenk, PhD student)