General housekeeping


  • There is thermal control in all office areas. Personal heaters are not permitted. If you have any problems with the temperature, please log a job in the maintenance system.
  • Users must report any broken furniture or equipment, and remove from use immediately.
  • Keep the work area tidy, and to ensure privacy is maintained, always lock your computer when leaving the area, especially if the office is shared or in an open area.
  • The use of privately-owned electrical equipment is discouraged. Any non-ANU owned electrical equipment must be tested and tagged before being used on site at RSPE.  Contact your local technical staff or administrator for more information.


Ergonomics is the design of the workplace, in this instance, it is in relation to the workstation; how it is set up and how you work on a daily basis. Improper set up of a workstation and practices can lead to injury, discomfort or can exacerbate existing conditions. 

The ANU injury prevention advice page provides tips about the workstation set up, information can be found on the right hand side of this page.

It is recommended that all personnel complete the ANU course on Office Ergonomic Essentials on Pulse.

If at any time you have any concerns about equipment such as work station, ergonomic chairs, repetitive tasks, posture, pain, or stress, your first point of contact should be the School's O.S.L.O. (Occupational Strain Liaison Officer) or contact the WHS team at 

Manual Handling

Working with RSPE may require you to do various tasks that involve, pushing, pulling, lifting, or lowering of equipment or items. Performing these tasks incorrectly may cause severe injury. It's important to know your limitations and to learn how to manually handle items correctly. 

It is recommended that all personnel complete the ANU course on Manual Handling (IMHR01)

Kitchen, bikes and common areas

  • Users should clean any spills on tables, microwaves and fridges immediately. All kitchens have paper towels, but if additional cleaning equipment is required, visit Reception. 
  • Please respect common areas and keep it tidy after use
  • Bicycles are not permitted in the buildings. Please see the Maintenance team for access to the secure bicycle storage areas in RSPE. 
  • ANUGreen has rolled out a Timely Treadly program, in which you can book out a bicycle for use on campus. See Reception to book out the bikes.


The ANU campus is relatively safe, however incidents can occur at any time or place, and it's important to remain vigilant. ANU offers several services to help you stay safe on campus. All services can be found here.

If for any reason you have a security or safety concern, call ANU Security on 612 55249 who are available 24/7.


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