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Please be aware that currently RSPhys WHS are in the process of creating an online centralized Induction process to cover our Tier 2 School/Service/Divisional WHS Induction requirements. This will be through the ANU PULSE website and will negate the need for face to face inductions and will provide a more efficient process of induction to new and existing staff in RSPhys. We are aiming for this online induction to be operational by the end of Q1 2021.

In the interim, can all departments use the Tier 2 and Tier 3 templates for their future induction process. Please document these and send the completed forms to

To also prepare for this changeover to University prescribed templates, can all departments send through their current staff induction completions to


General school orientation is conducted every Monday at 10:00am. 

All new starters are invited to meet at reception to have a short tour of the School’s central areas and receive a welcome pack. 

Bookings are not required.

Specific inductions to laboratories, workshops and other spaces will  be carried out by the department.

The WHSMS handbook implements an Induction process and is classified into three Tiers, including:

  • University WHS Induction (Tier 1)
  • School/Service/Divisional Induction (Tier 2)
  • High Risk Areas (Tier 3) 

Description of High Risk Areas are as follows:

  • Laboratory – chemical, biological, radiation, laser, science, medical, engineering, nanotechnology, OGTR certified GMO, PC1-4, teaching laboratories;
  • Chemical & Radiation Stores;
  • Workshop – machinery, robotics, plant;
  • Clinics;
  • Plant Room;
  • Quarantine, Mortuary and Dissection facilities;
  • Radiation Facilities (such as Heavy ion accelerator);
  • or any other areas determined to be high or extreme inherent risk by risk assessments of activities conducted in the areas.

These inductions are to be given to all new staff, students and visitors, where appropriate, and will cover the requirements for WHS information such as first aid, emergency protocols and about the hazards that are present in the area.

All new staff and existing staff must complete the mandatory University WHS Induction through this link ANU PULSE

For links to information and documents on the Induction process, please follow this link to the WHSMS Chapter 3.2 WHS Induction Process

Induction Templates can also be found here:

​​​​​​​Tier 2 Induction Template

​​​​​​​Tier 3 Induction Template (High Risk Area)


Initial training needs are to be identified during this process appropriate to the department and your role within that department.

Please see below for the mandatory course requirements for all RSPhys personnel.

  • University WHS Induction 
  • Local WHS Induction (appropriate to your area)
  • Comcare Work Health and Safety for Managers)
  • WHS Due Diligence Framework
  • ANU WHS Risk Management Training

Access to laboratories or workshops should not be approved until the induction and mandatory training for that area has been completed.


For many of the activities carried out in RSPhys it is essential that the appropriate WHS training is undertaken. Training within ANU can be found on three different platforms:

ANU has developed a training matrix to assist in determining what course's should be undertaken. 

For WHS trainings not found within ANU such as, forklift training, health and safety representative training, and others, speak with the supervisor / relevant Head of Department or the WHS team.

All other training can be found here, or by searching through the aforementioned platforms.

If you cannot log in or enrol in a course, speak with your supervisor in the first instance. 

Induction Procedure for Accessing Restricted Areas for service personnel

The department or work area where repair or service work is to be undertaken shall communicate the expected service type and access times widely to all members of their local department or area.

The person responsible for the laboratory / area and who provides the technician, visitor or contractor with access, is required to induct that person into the area and ensure the area is safe for work to proceed. 

If a safe working environment cannot be provided and/or a hazard/danger eliminated (e.g. equipment cannot be turned off), the lab/area supervisor or his nominated representative person must accompany the person at all times.


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