Green hydrogen & energy

Electrochemical devices such as electrolysers and solar water-splitting cells lie at the heart of the rapidly emerging green hydrogen industry. An ideal electrochemical system should present high conversion efficiency, rapid response, low system cost, low maintenance, modularity and rapid manufacturability. Development of advanced electrochemical systems meeting all of these criteria is essential to satisfy the rising demand for green hydrogen production that is cost-competitive with other hydrogen production routes.

The group’s research spans broadly materials, electrochemical devices and system integration for green hydrogen generation. More specifically, our expertise comprises engineering of advanced catalytic and semiconductor materials, photoelectrochemical cells for direct solar-to-hydrogen production, design of low-cost electrode stacks and development of next-generation electrochemical technologies.

We host state-of-the-art materials synthesis and fabrication facilities, a suite of materials characterisation tools and electrochemical device characterisation setups including potentiostats, gas chromatography systems, solar simulators and flow cell testing kits.


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