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How robot eyes will surpass human ones

Robots and autonomous cars will have eyes that see much more than the human eye is capable of, a review of the growing field of meta-optics has found. Meta-optics is a new form of optical...

23 January 2023

Fictional issues tackling the real problems

Fiona McTavish found that no one was taking her scientific discovery seriously, so she decided to fix that by dressing as a man. Many frustrated female scientists must have considered...

18 January 2023

3D XRay vision reveals prehistoric predator's brunch

It's the chance of lifetime for Joshua White to study Eric the plesiosaur during his PhD in the Materials Physics Department. It's not just that Eric is nearly 100 million years old,...

3 January 2023

Self-powered nanosensors set to revolutionise healthcare and environmental monitoring

A new miniscule nitrogen dioxide sensor could help protect the environment from vehicle pollutants that cause lung disease and acid rain. The sensor is an array of nanowires, in a square...

23 December 2022

How a thousand tiny lasers could launch a dynamic hologram

Physicists have developed a new tiny laser that could be used by the thousand to make future dynamic 3D holograms. Unlike a 2D screen made up of coloured dots, each pixel in a hologram...

20 December 2022

ANU Physics sweeps AIP Annual Awards

Staff and students from the Research School of Physics have won four awards in the 2022 Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) annual awards, more than half of the seven awarded this...

14 December 2022

New measurements of nuclei throw a neutron amongst the pigeons

New measurements of the surface of atomic nuclei have thrown up a puzzle about how they behave. A set of reactions used to measure properties of neutrons in similar forms of carbon...

7 December 2022

ANU physicist shows Einstein the easy way to solve equation

It’s one of Einstein’s defining moments, when his new theory of general relativity solved a longstanding puzzle, a discrepancy in Mercury’s orbit compared with Newtonian...

2 December 2022

Creating a better work environment

Women physicists from across the campus came together last week to change the culture and create a better work environment for the women-identifying members of the school.  Sixty-one...

24 November 2022

RSPhys innovation boosting green and manufacturing revolutions

A new training centre hosted by The Australian National University (ANU) is upskilling the next-generation of researchers in cutting-edge 3D imaging and analysis technology to help...

21 November 2022

Safely storing CO2 in rocks to fight Climate Change

More and more governments are taking on the challenge of reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. But keeping global warming in check is likely to require carbon being removed...

15 November 2022

Trapping polaritons in a quantum box for perfect conduction

Physicists have trapped exotic hybrid particles in a quantum box a single atom thick, potentially promoting perfect conductivity. The team from the Quantum Science and Technology Department...

9 November 2022

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