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Nanotech pioneer to lead Science Academy

Leading nanotechnology and physics researcher, Distinguished Professor Chennupati Jagadish, will be the next president of the Australian Academy of Science. He is the first Australian...

29 November 2021

Vale Professor Sydney Hamberger

We bid farewell with sadness to Emeritus Professor Sydney Hamberger, foundation Professor of the Plasma Research Laboratory. Professor Hamberger passed away in Canberra aged 92, and was laid...

15 November 2021

Low-energy technology the winner as hybrid particles put up no resistance.

A new sandwich-style fabrication process, placing a semiconductor only one atom thin between two mirrors, has enabled physicists to make a significant step towards ultra-low energy...

12 November 2021

Scientists detect a "tsunami" of gravitational waves

A team of international scientists, including researchers from The Australian National University (ANU), have unveiled the largest number of gravitational waves ever detected. The...

8 November 2021

The pressure's on: making diamonds that are harder than diamond

Imagine telling your boss that you need to spend $1000 each on two diamonds – for work. But you will use them to create more diamonds!  The catch? You will probably break...

20 October 2021

Supernova remnants in a million-year old sample

How do you find the remnants of violent cosmic events? Look at the bottom of the ocean of course! PhD student in nuclear physics, Dominik Koll, is searching for tiny traces of plutonium-244...

12 October 2021

How a coffee machine helped to make perfect nanopores

An innovative portable manufacturing process, inspired by a coffee machine, has given scientists new insights into fabricating and measuring membranes full of nanometre-scale pores. The...

24 September 2021

ANU to advance Australia's sovereign nuclear capabilities

With Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States signing a historic deal on nuclear powered submarines, The Australian National University (ANU) stands ready to train the next...

16 September 2021

Ultra-efficient tech to power devices of tomorrow and forge sustainable energy future

Researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) have developed a system to transport data using atomically-thin semiconductors in an extremely energy efficient way. The...

13 September 2021

Tiny lasers, like inside-out noise-cancelling headphones

Physicists at the ANU Research School of Physics have made extremely efficient microscopic lasers, smaller than the width of a hair - smaller, even, than the wavelength of the light...

13 September 2021

Purple diamonds - stunning jewellery or revolutionary technology?

With the world record sale of a purple diamond for $29.3M, it seemed the right time to chat to our diamond expert, Professor Neil Manson, about what a diamond actually is, and how one determines...

20 August 2021

Rodney Baxter wins Poincare Prize for Mathematical Physics

Congratulations to our former head of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus Professor Rodney Baxter, who has been awarded the 2021 Henri Poincare Prize at the 2021 International Congress of Mathematical...

13 August 2021

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