The Physics Store is the largest materials Store on campus, with almost 3000 individual stock lines. With such a wide range of products and the ability to assist with all kinds of procurement, the Physics Store provides an extensive support function to all areas of the School as well as the wider ANU community.

RSPhys Stores now have in place a disposal procedure which follows ANU WHS regulation and will improve WHS waste disposal practices at RSPhys.

Please discuss with RSPhys Stores staff any plant/equipment/waste that is to be disposed of.

The RSPhys Stores Disposal Procedure is available through stores staff and/or online (DOCX, 59kB).

The disposal form (DOCX, 59kB) must be completed through discussion with RSPhys stores staff. This form highlights the steps necessary to ensure safe disposal of items that are deemed a risk to dispose of. Further explanation of the form is below:

  • This form is used to identify the hazards and controls associated with the disposal of plant/equipment/waste in RSPhys.
  • No plant/equipment/waste must be left at RSPhys stores for disposal unless prior discussion/approval through Stores/Local Area
  • Through consultation with RSPhys Stores/WHS, if plant/equipment/waste is deemed to present a hazard to dispose of, a risk assessment must be completed.
  • A safe work procedure must also be completed and implemented for a risk rating of medium or higher. For a risk rating of High or more, please contact RSPhys WHS for guidance.
  • Only approval by RSPhys WHS, RSPhys Stores Manager and departmental Supervisor/Manager, can plant/equipment/waste be disposed of.

There is to be no dumping of waste at the stores or at the roller door laneway entrance unless authorised by RSPhys Stores staff. For general work/household items, please use the appropriate waste bins provided in the area.

Download a list of items the Stores stocks (XLSX, 1.8MB)

We are able to provide assistance with the following:

  • All procurement matters, ranging from minor purchases to major tenders.
  • Over the counter sales of Stores stocked items. You will need a valid stores ID card and valid budget code. Items not stocked by the Store can be ordered in.
  • Orders and collection of stocked items from other Stores on campus.
  • Receipt of incoming goods. Stores staff will advise you upon delivery to arrange collection.
  • Assistance with incoming and outgoing freight, including customs clearances.
  • Dispatch of outgoing items such as samples for research. Please see here for instructions how to send an item.
  • "Self Service Store" – we keep a stock of commonly used items (nuts, bolts, washers, pens etc.) for occasions when you only require a few items. These can be had for no charge. See the Stores staff for help if you haven’t used this service before.
  • Store run for purchase and collection of goods from the industrial areas of Canberra. This generally runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, depending upon demand. Request forms are here.
  • Recycling – we currently recycle:
    • toner cartridges,
    • alkaline and rechargeable batteries,
    • paper and cardboard,
    • Some office furniture (desks, filing cabinets, chairs). Bring your old stuff down for disposal and we will try to find a new home for it first. Likewise, check with us to see what we have before you buy that new desk or filing cabinet!
  • Waste disposal, including:
    • Chemicals
    • Metals,
    • Old computers and consumables. Please ensure that all hard drives are removed prior to bringing your old computer to the Store for disposal.
    • Office furniture that doesn’t get recycled
  • Cutting equipment, including a band-saw and sheet metal guillotine. Please see the Store staff for access and assistance.
  • Forklift – this is available for loading/unloading of heavy goods, as well as movement of items around the school and wider campus. Store staff can operate or it can be borrowed by school staff holding a valid forklift operator’s licence.
  • Truck – this is available for deliveries and pickups. Store staff can operate or it can be used by school staff holding a valid driver’s licence. See School Reception to book for self-use.
  • Finance "In Tray" – in which you can put invoices and staff reimbursements to be paid, and purchasing requisitions to be processed.
  • And many other things as well!