Dr AJ Mitchell

Position Research Fellow
Department Department of Nuclear Physics
Office phone (02) 612 53526
Office Nuclear Physics 2 53
Publication list Mitchell publication list (126KB PDF)

Nuclear spectroscopy with nucleon transfer reactions

Contribute to the development of a new experimental research program at the ANU Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility and investigate the internal structure of atomic nuclei with nucleon transfer reactions. Interested students will have the opportunity to undertake research projects in nuclear instrumentation, software development and fundamental physics. 

Dr AJ Mitchell, Professor Gregory Lane, Professor Andrew Stuchbery, Dr Tibor Kibedi

Solenogam: Electron and gamma-ray spectroscopy with an 8T magnetic solenoidal separator

Exotic nuclei, in their long-lived ground and excited states, are produced in nuclear reactions, transported through an 8T superconducting solenoid magnet to separate them in time and space from the intense beam-induced background, before studying their decay with an array of electron and gamma-ray detectors.

Professor Gregory Lane, Mr Matthew Gerathy, Dr Tibor Kibedi, Dr AJ Mitchell

Nuclear isomers for energy storage and fundamental physics

Investigate the internal structure of atomic nuclei by constructing the spectrum of excited states using time-correlated, gamma-ray coincidence spectroscopy.

Dr AJ Mitchell, Professor Gregory Lane, Professor Andrew Stuchbery, Dr Tibor Kibedi

Coulomb excitation as a probe of the emergence of nuclear collective motion

Coulomb excitation is a reaction mechanism that proceeds via purely electromagnetic interactions and enables measurement of the nuclear shape. A new program of Coulomb excitation measurements is planned to understand how collective nuclear motion can emerge in a nucleus made of ~100 nucleons.

Professor Gregory Lane, Dr AJ Mitchell, Professor Andrew Stuchbery

Particle detection with exotic scintillators for nuclear structure research

Compact particle detectors using exotic, new scintillator materials and silicon photomultipliers are being developed for varied roles in our nuclear structure research program.

Professor Gregory Lane, Professor Andrew Stuchbery, Dr AJ Mitchell, Dr Tibor Kibedi

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