Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours), PhB

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours), PhB, is an exciting research-focused undergraduate degree at ANU.

The PhB is for intellectually ambitious students who want to study at the highest level. Every student receives intensive individual attention from an academic supervisor. The PhB degree offers an opportunity to get involved in scientific research, and to make an early start on their own journey towards becoming independent researchers.

The PhB degree is extremely flexible in its structure with the program of study determined each year in collaboration with an academic supervisor. One quarter of the studies, in the first three years, consists of individually tailored Advanced Studies Courses specifically designed to provide students with a strong base in research. These courses may consist of a reading course with a world-leading scientist or joining a research team to assist in the advance of knowledge. The 4th year is an Honours year. It is possible, by taking advanced studies courses in breaks, to accelerate the program to complete in three and a half years.


If you have any questions please contact the physics PhB coordinator

If you have general questions about the PhB(Hons) degree please contact the degree coordinator, Assoc Prof Geoff Salem. Additional information about the degree is available at Study@ANU.


PhB Coordinator

(02) 612 53081