Available student project - Simulation of x-ray scattering from nano-objects

Research fields

SAXS measurement and MC calculation of conical nanopores

Project details

Our group extensively utilises synchrotron small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) to study nanometer sized objects such as high energy ion tracks, nanoparticles and nanoporous membranes. The complex structures of these objects often require numerical methods to model the observed scattering patterns. We are developing a computer code (using Python) that simulates scattering from nano objects based on numerical methods. The project seeks to extend the code by including new structural models, enhancing the data fitting procedures and testing the code. Development of the code will be accompanied by measurement and analysis of appropriate nano-objects, in particular ion tracks and nano pores. 

While this project is predominately comutational, the student will be involved in all experimental aspects of the sample preparation and analysis, in partcular with the SAXS measurements at the state-of-the-art Australian Synchrotron.

Required background

condensed matter physics, computational skills

Project suitability

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Kluth, Patrick profile

Other supervisor(s)

Notthoff, Christian profile