Available student project - Synthetic multi-dimensional photonics

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Parity-time symmetric optical coupler

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Integrated photonic systems enable ultra-fast and energy-efficient transmission and manipulation of optical signals,
ranging from integration within electronic chips to global communication networks. Precise and mass-scale fabrication
of planar integrated circuits in silicon is available based on established nano-technologies used in electronics industry. Importantly, the latest research reveals unique benefits of two- and higher-dimensional optical circuits. The multi-dimensional structures can be used to tailor light confinement and emission, implement imperfections-insensitive transmission, and even realise optical neural networks. Yet, it remains an open challenge to implement multi-dimensional photonics on integrated all-optical platforms. This project aims is to develop a concept of synthetic photonic platforms by a special mapping from complex multi-dimensional to planar structures, where the photon dynamics remains exactly equivalent. 

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