Available student project - Enhancing particle builder: developing comprehensive physics explanations

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Particle Builder, a board game designed to introduce high school students to particle physics, is being adapted into an online format. To enhance the educational value of the game, this research project aims to develop comprehensive physics and mathematical explanations of the concepts underpinning the game. The primary objective is to create accessible and engaging content that complements the game and deepens students' understanding of particle physics.

The project will begin with a thorough literature review to gather relevant information and ensure the accuracy of the explanations. The student researcher will then develop clear and concise explanations, incorporating visual aids where appropriate. Explanations should be developed at two different levels: firstly an explanation that will be tailored to the target audience, considering their background knowledge. The second explanation will be more 'hardcore' for those that would like to know more.

Additionally, the project will involve analyzing data from surveys of student experiences. This analysis will provide insights into the effectiveness of the game and the accompanying explanations in promoting student engagement and understanding. 

Throughout the project, the student researcher will work closely with the Particle Builder team, contributing their physics expertise. The ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive and engaging educational resource that inspires high school students to explore the fascinating world of particle physics. The project has approval from the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee and we are looking to publish the resource and results in a physics education research journal.

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We have no formal requirements for previous courses. Enthusiasm and interest in particle physics and strong communication skills are highly desireable. If a student has studied quantum field theory or any courses in particle physics this would be desireable.

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