Available student project - Solid-state nanopore sensors: Unveiling New Frontiers in Biomolecule Detection

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Due to the growing demand for biomolecular analysis, solid-state nanopores are receiving increasing attention as next-generation, label free single-molecule sensors. Such devices could deliver cost-effective, rapid, and easily accessible analytics, used for personalised healthcare, environmental monitoring, and threat detection. They can also probe characteristic information on a single-molecule level such as protein configurations or amino acid sequences.

A variety of projects are available related to our nanopore bio-sensing activities. These encompass the development of novel nanopore biosensors for the detection and characterisation of bio-molecules and utilise a novel solid-state nanopore membrane platform we developed. Topics include:

-       Single-molecule sensing of protein bio-markers for neurodegenerative diseases

-       Development and testing of machine learning data evaluation methods

-       Investigation and manipulation of bio-molecule translocation through nanopores

-       Simulation of ion transport properties through asymmetric nanopores

If you are interested in working in a multidisciplinary team at the interface of nanotechnology, bio-chemistry, materials physics and engineering, we are looking forward to talking to you.

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