Available student project - Microfabricated quantum ring atomic-gyroscope

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The quantum sensors we develop at ANU are primary sensors where all quantites that underpn the sensor are directly referenced to constants of nature in the measurement protocol.  Unlike classical sensors, they offer inherent accuracy (they do not require calibration) and are robust to long term drift. In applications, they are likely to work best fused with high bandwidth classical devices.

In this project we focus  on a new sensor, a microfabricated quantum ring atomic-gyroscope. In this new design concept, ultra-cold atoms are trapped in laser fields below a high Q optical ring cavity. Trapping light fields, phase locked quantum state manipulation fields and detection fields  are delivered to the atoms mdeiated by the optical ring cavity. The measurement protocol is based on macroscopic superposition of angular momentum eigenstates prepared via the phase locked lasers. Our aim is to calculate the limits of detection (quantum limit for rotation sensitivity), and optimise the design with respect to  a variety of properties and constraints including material properties. This is the first step in progressing this new technology.

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2nd year electricity and magnetism and 2nd year quantum mechanics are desirable but not necessarily essential depending on the student.

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