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We train the next generation of students in a diverse range of quantum focused fields, spanning from fundamental quantum studies (i.e. Bose-Einstein condensation) to applied applications in the emerging field of quantum technologies (i.e. precision sensors). Not only will students learn a vast array of problem solving skills, they will be exposed to exciting new research and be part of the quantum revolution.


ANU offers unmatched access to real scientific research projects as early as first year for students enrolled in our world class PhB program. Projects are also available for undergraduate students in 3rd year and honours.

Our department currently has available hands on research projects suited to undergraduate of the following types:

PhD or MSc

The Department of Quantum Science and Technology is a leading research institution in the field of quantum science and laser technology, with a highly experienced faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities. Pursuing a PhD at the department will provide you with a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects in quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing, and develop your skills and knowledge in this exciting and rapidly advancing field.

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Masters Degree

Want to change society and assist in the transition to the new age of Quantum Science? Dig into the frontier of quantum technology, covering topics such as unbreakable cryptography, faster computers and quantum phenomena with the Master of Science in Quantum Technology from Australia's national university.

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