Dr Anna Herring

Dr Anna Herring
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Applied Mathematics
Office phone
Cockcroft 4 66

Research interests

  • Multiphase fluid flow and trapping in porous media
  • Impact of fuid property variation on flow behavior
  • Forces controlling pore-scale fluid-fluid interactions and impact on engineering applications
  • Novel descriptors of fluid and media morphology and topology
  • Surface and interfacial interactions during fluid flows
  • X-ray microtomographic imaging and data visualization

Recent publications

Herring, A. L., J. Middleton, R. Walsh, A. Kingston, and A. Sheppard, Flow Rate Impacts on Capillary Pressure and Interface Curvature of Connected and Disconnected Fluid Phases during Multiphase Flow in Sandstone, Adv. Water Resour. (2017) doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2017.05.011.

Liu, Z., A. Herring, C. Arns, S. Berg, and R. T. Armstrong, Pore-Scale Characterization of Two-Phase Flow Using Integral Geometry, Transp. Porous Media (2017) 1–19, doi:10.1007/s11242-017-0849-5.

Herring, A. L., L. Andersson, and D. Wildenschild, Enhancing residual trapping of supercritical CO2 via cyclic injections, Geophys. Res. Lett. (2016) doi:10.1002/2016GL070304.

Herring, A.L., Sheppard, A., Andersson, L., Wildenschild, D. "Impact of wettability alteration on 3D nonwetting phase trapping and transport", Int. J. Greenh. Gas Control. 46 (2016) 175–186. doi:10.1016/j.ijggc.2015.12.026.

E.H. Kimbrel, Herring, A.L., Armstrong, R.T., Lunati, I., Bay, B.K., Wildenschild, D. "Experimental characterization of nonwetting phase trapping and implications for geologic CO2 sequestration", Int. J. Greenh. Gas Control. 42 (2015) 1–15. doi:10.1016/j.ijggc.2015.07.011.

Herring, A. L., Andersson, L., Schlüter, S., Sheppard, A., & Wildenschild, D. “Efficiently engineering pore-scale processes: force balance and topology during nonwetting phase trapping in porous media." Advances in Water Resources (2015)

Herring, A.L. An Investigation into the Pore-Scale Mechanisms of Capillary Trapping: Application to Geologic CO2 Sequestration. Doctoral Dissertation. Oregon State University, 2014.

Herring, A. L., Andersson, L., Newell, D., Carey, J.W., & Wildenschild, D. “Pore-scale observations of supercritical CO2 drainage in Bentheimer sandstone by Synchrotron x-ray imaging.” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (2014)

Herring, A. L., Harper, E. J., Andersson, L., Sheppard, A., Bay, B. K., & Wildenschild, D. “Effect of fluid topology on residual nonwetting phase trapping: implications for geologic CO2 sequestration.” Advances in Water Resources (2013)

Herring, A.L. Saturation, morphology, and topology of nonwetting phase fluid in Bentheimer sandstone; application to geologic sequestration of supercritical CO2. MS thesis. Oregon State University, 2012.

Myers, G., Varslot, T., Kingston, A., Herring, A., & Sheppard, A. “Ground-truth verification of dynamic x-ray micro-tomography images of fluid displacement.” SPIE Optical Engineering Applications. (2012): 85060P-85060P.

Wildenschild, D., Armstrong, R. T., Herring, A. L., Young, I. M., & William Carey, J. "Exploring capillary trapping efficiency as a function of interfacial tension, viscosity, and flow rate." Energy Procedia. 4. (2011): 4945-4952.



Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering awarded March 20, 2015 from Oregon State University

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering awarded March 22, 2013 from Oregon State University

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering awarded May 07, 2010 from University of Colorado at Boulder


Publically available X-ray CT data of dry and partially-saturated sandstones acquired at ANU CTLab

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-9403-9779

Grants and awards

ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award: “How does geochemical alteration impact CO2 stability in the subsurface?” (2018-2021)

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