Dr Levi Beeching

Dr Levi Beeching
Technical Officer
Department of Applied Mathematics
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Cockcroft 5 38
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Scientific consultant - specialising in scientific instrumentaion

>10 years commercial experience bringing cutting-edge scientific instrumentation to market.

Currently focussed on augmenting CTLab at ANU


  • SEM [Carl Zeiss]
  • SEM and TEM accessories (Cathodoluminesence, Cryo, High-temperature, Tensile testing) [Gatan UK]
  • Light detection (Photomultiplier tubes) [Electron Tubes Ltd]


Publication highlights

Apparatus for collection of cathodoluminescence signals 
WO 2013101379 A1   (CN103999185A, EP2786395A1, US20130141803)
A side entry TEM holder incorporates a miniature tilted off axis ellip- tical mirror (110) to collect cathodoluminescence from the specimen (130) and couple it efficiently into a tilted fiber optic (120) integrated into the holder. The design is compatible with the cryogenic operation of the holder. TEM specimens are partially transparent to the electron beam, and so light can be emitted above and below the specimen. The same principle of off-axis mirror and tilted fiber can be utilized to collect light from above and below the specimen yet fit into the very confined space required by insertion through the goniometer and for operation between narrow gap pole pieces. With a dual system, the emission of light from above the specimen can be compared to that from below thereby enhancing the versatility of the analytical tech- nique.

Article: Development of a Cathodoluminescence Detection System for the (S)TEM Demonstrating Sub-nm Spatial and Sub-meV Spectral Resolution
D.J. Stowe · L. Beeching · R.J. Vince · J. Oliver · J. Parsons · S.A. Galloway
Article · Aug 2013 · Microscopy and Microanalysis

Article: Photoelectron spectroscopy of atomic oxygen using the Elettra synchrotron source
L. J. Beeching · AA Dias · J. M. Dyke · A. Morris · S. Stranges · J. B. West · N. Zema · L. Zuin
Article · Feb 2003 · Molecular Physics

Article: A Study of the Thermal Decomposition of 2-Azidoethanol and 2-Azidoethyl Acetate by Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy†
N. Hooper · L. J. Beeching · J. M. Dyke · and A. Morris · J. S. Ogden
Article · Aug 2002 · The Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Article: The X̃2B1, 2B2,2A1, and2A2states of oxygen difluoride cation (F2O+): High-level ab initio calculations and simulation of the ultraviolet photoelectron spectrum of F2O
De-Chao Wang · Foo-Tim Chau · Daniel Kam-Wah Mok · Edmond P. F. Lee · Levi Beeching · J. Steven Ogden · John M. Dyke
Article · Jun 2001 · The Journal of Chemical Physics

Article: Study of the electronic structure of the actinide tetrabromides ThBr4 and UBr4 using ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional calculations
L. J. Beeching · J. M. Dyke · A. Morris · J. S. Ogden
Article · Jun 2001 · The Journal of Chemical Physics

Article: Photoelectron spectroscopy of reactive intermediates using synchrotron radiation
JD Barr · L Beeching · A De Fanis · JM Dyke · SD Gamblin · N Hooper · A Morris · S Stranges · JB West · AE Wright · TG Wright
Article · Jul 2000 · Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena

Article: Angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of O2(a1Δg) with synchrotron radiation
L. Beeching · A. De Fanis · J. M. Dyke · S. D. Gamblin · N. Hooper ·A. Morris · J. B. West
Article · Jan 2000 · The Journal of Chemical Physics

PhD Thesis: Photoelectron spectroscopy of some atmospherically important species and heavy metal compounds.
Levi James Beeching
PhD Thesis – Uviversity of Southampton, UK, 2002



PhD (Chemistry) University of Southampton, UK, 2002

MChem (Masters of chemistry with professional training), University of Southampton, UK, 1998

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